TikTok recently announced the launch of a new advertising option called “Spark Ads”, which enables marketing specialists to make use of trending organic content. We already wrote you an article on social commerce: click here.


What are Spark Ads?

Spark Ads is TikTok’s new ad format that offers businesses the possibility to promote video content without having to create it themselves, thereby removing the need to pay an influencer or content creator to generate content on their behalf.

Brands can make use of content created organically by users and content creators.

This helps brands save precious time when scouting for influencers and content creators.

No more lengthy briefs and sending products only for them to be returned by content creators.

Brands can now choose between its users’ creative videos (if there are any!) and contact them directly to offer sponsorship to use their creation as a Spark Ad.

It’s a fascinating approach to paid advertising on social media and sponsored content.

It’ll be interesting to see how businesses and content creators react to the new advertising possibilities on TikTok.


How do TikTok Spark Ads work?

Example of Spark Ads Neads for Secret Pin-Up

@glowupwithkenza Si tu veux réduire tes imperfections utilise le savon au lait de chèvre de @pinupsecretparis #imperfections #skincare #skincareroutine #savonlaitdechevre ? son original – Kenza ???


  • Content creators and influencers generate original content (neither commissioned nor sponsored) for their followers.
  • TikToks new “Spark Ads” tool enables businesses to locate content/videos likely to correspond to their campaign. For instance, if you’re a fashion brand and an influencer has posted content featuring your product or brand that has a high organic reach, you can profit from the content and its existing organic success.
    It’s relatively easy to find relevant, organic content using hashtags and TikTok’s search bar.
  • Brands can make direct contact with these creators by using Spark Ads and reusing their clips in sponsored campaigns.
  • The business can then promote organic content and/or relevant material shared by creators by transforming them into In-Feed or TopView ads.


Spark Ads: what’s in it for brands?

Example of Neads Spark Ads for laundry detergent brand Spring

@greenetsoimeme Bien le bonjouuuur, aujourd’hui je reviens vous parler de la lessive @SPRiNG après 2 semaines d’utilisation ? Toujours éco-conçue, sans matières controversées et dans un emballage sans plastiques ! spoiler alert : je suis toujours fan et je pense que vous le serez aussi… #WeSPRiNG #Spring #Ménageclean #lessismore #matièrecontroversées #clean #efficace #fyp #pourtoi #ecologie ? original sound – Green et Soi-même

As previously explained, Spark Ads offer multiple advantages to brands.

Firstly, they remove the need for brands to actively scout for content creators or influencers and commission videos.

They can make use of relevant, organic, original videos, which are more authentic than videos made specifically for an advertising campaign.

Finally, the brand can ride the wave of exposure that the content creator already has, as well as the interactions with their community.

In a Spark Ads campaign with a content creator, the brand inherits all interactions with the organic video (views, likes, shares, comments).

This further reinforces the video’s credibility in the eyes of users watching the ad.

The content promoted by Spark Ads enables marketers to use TikTok ad targeting technology.

It might indeed be an excellent way for small businesses to start experimenting with video ads on the platform. However, it may also be a way for larger businesses to keep exploiting content creators and influencers.

instagram also launched two similar formats named Instagram whitelisting And Partnership Ads .


Spark Ads: what’s in it for content creators ?

Example of Spark Ads Neads for Manicurist

@tess.bbbb Je refais mes ongles avec la marque @Manucurist et leur kit de vernis led ! J’ai fais un nail art avec des fleurs multicolores vous aimez ? ???#partenariatrémunéré #nailart #vernisled #manucure ? son original – Tess | Beauty & Fashion

Content creators also stand to profit for this new ad format.

Creating organic videos on TikTok has become increasingly easy.

TikTok has implemented a number of features, especially for video editing and effects.

This saves creators considerable amounts of time on video creation and editing.

Posting organic content on TikTok is free, and it’s also one of the few platforms to promote its users’ videos.

Content creators can therefore hope to get paid by brands that use their videos as Spark Ads. But that’s not all…

As the videos are sponsored, creators will enjoy a wider reacher on TikTok.

Viewers will discover their content, potentially leading to more views on their other videos, and more followers, likes, etc.


Spark Ads: The TikTok approach to branded content ads

TikTok is an ideal platform for businesses who wish to try advertising. The unique algorithm enables small accounts to benefit from grand-scale visibility, and the audience is more receptive to branded content which is creative and out-of-the-box. We wrote you an article on this topic, so for more info click here.

TikTok launched its own form of BCA called Spark Ads, mid 2021. Content that meets with success on TikTok and other platforms can be promoted and engage with an even greater user base. With the permission of the influencer, brands can promote their own posts or those of the influencer in question, and TikTok will mark them out as sponsored content.


Spark ads are similar to ordinary posts but there are a few crucial differences.

The username, profile picture, and soundtracks are identical to those of a regular feed video. Users can still see the profile page of the original poster.

The caption still appears under the creator’s username, but a little “Sponsored” label appears above the audio track.

There is also a download button that’s not there on standard material. When a user clicks on this button, they’re redirected to the landing page of your branded campaign that you created when setting up the Spark Ad.

It is very simple to create a Spark Ad from standard material.

Before broadcasting a sponsored campaign for a business, creators need only push the BCA button. This lends more transparency to their clips and enables you to commercialise the video as a Spark Ad.

Spark Ads look a lot like “normal” app content.

And that’s why they’re so great. When ads appear in social media feeds, most users immediately mute them. Spark Ads, on the other hand, are a lot more attractive: they present real original content suffused with the atmosphere and vibes that users are used to seeing as they scroll through the app.

BCA and Spark Ads enable you to take advantage of an influencer’s creativity and faithful network of followers. It’s a step ahead of classic influence marketing and it can be very effective, especially on TikTok.

Spark Ads has recently changed the way businesses can advertise on TikTok, for the better

This era of advertising is of course intriguing because it depends strongly on the quality of available material. It’s no longer a question of clicks and fast buying, but of developing solid relationships and becoming a member of a community.

It’s therefore important to keep in mind that working with competent content creators capable of providing high quality UGC will increase the performance of your Spark Ads. Qualitative UGC combined with Spark Ads will increase the success of your brand even more.


[Tuto] Getting started with Spark Ads on your creator account

Notice: The following instructions only work on the mobile app.

Step 1: activate ad settings

Go to your profile, then click on the three little dots on the top-right and select “creator tools“.

Then, enable “ad settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Enable Spark Ads on your account

Step 2: Go to the video you want to make available on Spark Ads

Click the three little dots on the bottom-right of the relevant video.

Go to the third option and click “ad settings“.

Enable Spark Ads on your video

Step 3: generate the code for brand collaboration

Enable “ad authorisation” if you want your video to also be available as organic content.

Otherwise, choose “only show in ads“.

Once enabled, click “generate” to get your code and send it to the brand.

Finally, choose how long you want the video to be available as an ad.

Enable Spark Ads


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