Instagram whitelisting: The future of Instagram advertising

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Collaborating with influencers and content creators has become an almost essential strategy for brands in 2023.

The influence market is constantly growing and is estimated to be worth more than 17 billion dollars worldwide.

According to a study of Oberloo , it is near 93% officials marketing who use influencer marketing.

Instagram remains marketers’ favorite channel with 68% of use against 80% in 2020, a significant drop which can be explained in particular by the very strong growth of TikTok in this area.

Micro-influencers and nano-influencers are used by 88% experts for their campaigns because of their strong engagement and the proximity they have with their audience.



The limits of the organic

However, organic influencer campaigns primarily rely on the reach organic And community engagement creators and micro-influencers.

There scope and the visibility organic posts can vary significantly based on changes in algorithms.

It can therefore limit brand visibility and its message, and not reach as wide an audience as desired.

To this is added the lifetime relatively organic content limited and which can quickly be drowned in the flow of other content.


To respond to this problem, many brands are increasingly using a device known as whitelisting and which can be used on Instagram and tiktok .

This device makes it possible to combine both the organic and the paid to maximize the reach and impact of brand campaigns.

These benefit from the authenticity and engagement of the creators, while extending the reach of their campaign in a targeted way thanks to the addition of an advertising budget.


What is Instagram Whitelisting?

THE whitelisting instagram (or whitelist) , involves obtaining permission from creators or influencers to use their account and content to serve advertising.

This means that creators or influencers are added by brands to a whitelist (on the Facebook Business Manager).
Their contents are then used in various advertisements promoted with Paid media from their own account ( stories , reals , posts) .

THE whitelisting Instagram is a medium to long-term collaboration with influencers and creators who embody the values and messages conveyed by the brand.

Instagram whitelisting

THE white list allows you to display advertisements directly from the creator/influencer’s account . Only the mention “Sponsored” with a CTA to the brand’s website is displayed.


How does Instagram whitelisting work?

THE whitelisting generally works in the following way.

Setting up the collaboration : The brand and the creator/influencer mutually agree on the terms of the collaboration, including the types of content that can be used in the promoted advertisements, the duration of the collaboration, the financial compensation, etc.

A written agreement or contract can be drawn up to formalize this collaboration.

Addition whitelisted : Once the brand and creator/influencer have agreed on the terms of the collaboration, the brand usually adds the creator/influencer’s account. influencer in as business partners Center . This allows the brand to access the creator/influencer’s account and content for further use in advertisements.

The creator/influencer can also add the brand as a partner on their side.

Creation and distribution of advertisements on behalf of the creators : Once the creator/influencer is added, the brand can create and run ads on Instagram from the creator/influencer’s account. This may include advertisements in the form of publications, stories or real videos.



The Benefits of Instagram Whitelisting

Content less advertising

Unlike traditional advertisements, content promoted through the whitelisting is often perceived as less advertising.

Delivered from creator/influencer accounts, influencers can integrate brand messages in a more organic and authentic way, which can be better accepted by consumers.
This helps create a more natural and less intrusive advertising experience, leading to better reception and greater audience engagement.


Fame and authenticity

THE whitelisting allows brands to collaborate with trusted, brand-aligned content creators, which can build awareness and authenticity of their message.
Partner content creators are chosen based on their alignment with the brand’s values, vision and personality.


prints and visibility guarantees for your campaigns

As explained above, by combining the organic and the paid you ensure that the posts of creators/influencers will get exposure.

Unlike organic influencer campaigns, where the scope and the lifetime content are limited and depend in part on the creator’s audience, which must be there, just like the algorithms.


THE ad targeting

Whitelisting allows brands to target a wider audience through paid media. Partner content creators may have their own subscriber base, but it is still limited.

By using advertising, the brand can reach new market segments and expand its reach by reaching a larger, more diverse and more targeted audience.


Measure performance and KING

THE campaigns of whitelisting offer brands the ability to measure creator/influencer content performance such as impressions, clicks, engagement, and conversions.

This will help brands understand the effectiveness of content promoted and assess returns on investment (KING) of each campaign.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to quantify the real impact of organic influencer campaigns on the brand’s marketing and sales objectives, particularly in terms of sales, conversions or other key performance indicators (KPIs).

This can make it difficult to justify investments in organic influencer campaigns from an ROI perspective.



Differences Between Whitelisting and Branded Content Instagram

THE Branded Instagram content


THE Branded Thrilled is a partnership between creators/influencers and brands on Instagram.

When a creator or influencer posts branded content, the content is tagged as Paid partnership with[nom de la marque] to clearly indicate the collaboration between the creator/influencer and the brand.

Brands can promote their posts using Instagram’s advertising tools, but these are limited in terms of personalization and targeting.

Additionally, the format Branded Thrilled may seem less authentic in the eyes of consumers, in particular because of the mention of the brand name, which is very advertising.

Here are the different characteristics of Branded Instagram content:

  • The creator must tag/mention the brand in its publication
  • The publication of Creator bears the mention “Partnership paid with[nom de la marque] ” or “Paid partnership” if the brand does not already have it valid
  • Creator content can be boosted in advertising, but it has very limited options
  • The brand cannot modify the posts, videos or Reels of the creator (except the Stories ) .
  • The brand does not have access to the organic performance of the content, only the advertising metrics in which they have been identified.

To find out more, you can read our article dedicated to the format Instagram Branded Content here .


Whitelisting on Instagram

THE Whitelisting , on the other hand, offers a higher level of control for brands over creator/influencer content.

When a creator or influencer is whitelisted in Facebook Business Manager, it allows the brand to use both their content and their account to serve ads.

This gives brands full control over the adverts promoted, including personalization of text, calls to action, targeting, etc…

Here are the different characteristics of Whitelisting instagram :

  • The content of the creator is sponsored in advertising from its own account
  • There is no brand identification, only the mention “ Sponsored
  • The brand has access to all the metrics and statistics of the posts
  • The brand can modify the titles, descriptions, CTA and customize them



How to set up Instagram Whitelisting?

To set up the Instagram whitelisting , the brand and the creator must be added as partners in the Facebook Business Manager and assign the necessary rights


Adding as a partner

Business Manager Whitelisting Instagram

  • The creator must then add the brand as a partner by filling in the ID in his business Manager


  • He must then assign his Instagram account and his Facebook page if necessary and authorize advertisements and statistics for the brand
  • Of his side there mark just has to accept the request for partnership


Creation of a new advertising campaign

  • There brand needs to create a new campaign advertising
  • Configure targeting parameters to define your target audience based on demographic, geographic, and interest criteria relevant to your campaign

Whitelisting Instagram account

  • The brand selects the creator’s Instagram account so that it can serve ads from its account
  • The brand then chooses the content Instagram present on the creator’s account
  • Configure other ad settings, such as changing the title, description, and CTA
  • Verify and launch the campaign: review all ad settings to ensure they are correct, then submit the campaign for approval

This is your first campaign whitelisting is good launched.

Once your campaign is launched, follow the performance of your ad in the Facebook ads Manager to evaluate the results and make possible optimizations.


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