The story behind Neads

With new social media platforms coming online every day and our society ever more connected, the power social networks have in customer acquisition can no longer be overstated.

With this in mind, Neads was born in 2020, and aims to be the pioneer Social Shopping agency!

Social networks enable businesses to precisely target future customers, facilitate access to products, and simplify the buying process thanks to behavioural and demographic data.

We support our clients in their growth, with a creative and performance-driven approach.

Our approach

Social media ad platform algorithms have become very powerful. We believe the added value an agency can bring you has to be creativity. That’s why our team is on hand to:

  • Offer creative expertise to design ads optimised for conversion and performance
  • Offer technical expertise to manage your campaigns with KPIs that enable to you rapidly scale your sales

Neads key figures

brands supported
super-motivated in-house talents
creatives produced
turnover generated

The team

  • Nathan

  • AnaĂŻs

    Creative Strategist
  • Laura

    Creative Strategist
  • Morgane

    Creative Strategist
  • Many

    Head of Performance
  • Lucas

    Account Manager
  • Chmouel

    Account Manager
  • ThĂ©odore

    Head of Sales
  • Lucien

    Talent Manager
  • Damien

    Tracking & Analytics Expert
  • Your face here?

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