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With 1 billion active worldwide users, TikTok’s audience is led by millennials and Gen Z.

TikTok is a unique sales channel, all about entertainment and creativity!

Our TikTok Ads Agency is here to support you every step of the way to help your sales performance take off!

  • Eleven Paris
  • Jonak
  • Weekendesk
  • Monoprix
  • Spring
  • Pin Up Secret
  • Lashilé
  • Manucurist
  • Kaporal
  • Eres
  • Yade
  • Saeve
  • Altarea
  • La Coque Française
  • Les Petites Bombes
  • Emma et Chloé
  • Leo et Violette
  • Perifit
  • Uriage
  • Evidens de beauté
  • ACM
  • ATNT Paris
  • Horspist
  • In art we trust
  • Aurlom
  • Lumibeauty
  • Aynosens
  • Family Sphere
  • Baladins
  • Guyane

TikTok Ads creatives that really convert

We produce powerful creatives adapted to every stage of your sales funnel to maximise your conversions on TikTok.

Based on pre-existing content or with the help of our network of TikTokers, we produce powerful and captivating content that’s optimised for conversion.

Our creative strategists know what works on TikTok (format, length, pace, etc.) and produce unique creatives for each platform to maximise your campaigns’ performance.

Powerful campaigns to maximise your ROAS

With our technical expertise, we run our TikTok Ads campaigns strategically in order to maximise your ROAS.

  • Targeting: We find the audiences most likely to convert at every stage of your funnel (acquisition, re-engagement, retargeting)
  • A/B Testing: We continuously carry out A/B testing on our creatives and audiences to improve performance as part of a test & learn process.
  • Optimisation: We optimise your campaign results with fast iterations and budget allocation

Our TikTok Ads performance

turnover generated
active campaigns
average ROAS

Our latest TikTok Ads Ads creatives

Why choose Neads for your TikTok Ads campaigns?

Neads is the TikTok Ads agency that understands Gen Z and what really helps brands stand out on TikTok.

With over a billion active users around the world and 16 million in France alone, TikTok is a powerful tool for brand awareness and acquisition. Brands can connect with their future customers thanks to how powerful TikTok’s experience is. The site’s smart content discovery algorithm enables users to discover content that’s relevant to their individual interests and behaviours. This helps brands achieve fast growth and optimal exposure on the social network.

TikTok has spread and become ubiquitous. Its ad platform is continuously improving, with the integration of new tracking features, targeting, and campaign goals. Our TikTok Ad Agency already runs several successful TikTok campaigns that are providing tangible ROI for our clients.

Our TikTok Ads agency supports you every step of the way in the strategic development and content production of your ad campaigns to meet your goals.

As a TikTok Ads agency that places quality and support at the heart of what we do, you can count on Neads to be by your side to oversee your campaigns, bring you bespoke support, and total transparency over your results.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, products, or services, our TikTok Ads agency will help you generate awareness, traffic, and conversions.

Our process

We offer a comprehensive methodology with services that work hand-in-hand to achieve your goals



We design the TikTok Ads strategy best suited to your goals.



We create powerful content perfectly adapted for TikTok Ads from existing content or through our network of content creators.



We manage and regularly optimise your TikTok Ads campaigns as part of a test & learn methodology.



As well as our real-time dashboard, we provide you with a customised monthly report of your TikTok Ads campaigns.

Our Success Stories

  • 9.3
    average ROA over the year
  • +40%
    new customers
  • >2M
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  • -82%
    CPA on the VIP List campaign
  • >1M
    impressions over Black Friday
  • +20%
    additional revenue with TikTok
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  • -40%
    CPA in two months
  • >2M
    people reached on Snap and TikTok
  • +30%
    additional turnover
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