UGC TikTok: The essential format for your brand in 2023

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UGC has become a popular trend due to the rapid growth of social media and the rise of consumer influence online.

People are increasingly willing to share their experiences with brands and products on social media and other online platforms, which can have a big impact on consumers’ perception of brands.


What is TikTok UGC?

Definition of UGC:

UGC Or User Generated Content brings together all the content created and shared by users on the web.

UGC is often used by companies to generate content for their websites, social networks and increasingly in their advertising campaigns.

User-generated content is perceived by consumers to be more authentic and trustworthy than content created by the company itself.

UGC is generally considered a form of crowd marketing because it allows consumers to engage with brands and share their experience with their peers.


The different formats of UGC TikTok

There are many formats of TikTok UGC, here is a list of the most popular formats on the platform with concrete examples made for our customers.

  • THE UGC TikTok Unboxing: These are videos where users unbox and present the contents of a package or package they have just received. These videos are often used to promote products and are often highly appreciated by users on social networks, particularly in order to decide to make a purchase.

Here is an example of UGC TikTok Unboxing made for the brand Pinup Secret

  • THE UGC TikTok Product demonstrations: These are videos where users demonstrate how to use a product or provide information about its features and functionality. They can be very useful for buyers who want to know how a product works before buying it.

Here is an example of UGC TikTok product demonstrations produced for the brand Lashile Beauty


  • THE UGC TikTok customer testimonials: In these videos, customers share their experience using a product or service and talk about it in a positive way. These testimonials can be very effective in persuading future buyers to purchase a product.

Here is an example of UGC TikTok of customer testimonials produced for the So’Cup brand


  • THE UGC TikTok presentation of a good plan: In this type of video, the user shares information about a product or service that he has purchased or discovered and that he finds particularly useful or advantageous for him. The purpose of this type of video is to recommend this product or this service to other users by providing them with detailed information on what made this product or this service useful or advantageous for the creator of the video. Presentations of a good plan may also refer to ongoing promotions or discounts on a product or service.

Here is an example of TikTok UGC good plan sharing made for the brand Wecasa

There are of course other aspects of theUGC TikTok , such as photos and videos taken by users and shared on social networks, blogs written by users on products or services, reviews and comments left by customers on product sheets, etc.


Why is UGC TikTok a hit?

TikTok an authentic platform

TikTok is an online video-sharing platform that has enjoyed phenomenal success in recent years, especially among young people and the elderly. generation Z .

Indeed, according to Hubspot figures, 41% of platform users are between 16 and 24 years old.

One of the reasons for its success is its ability to be an authentic platform for users.

TikTok is a highly engaging platform that has an active and open community of users who are always looking for new content to discover and share.

This makes it an ideal platform for sharing videos UGC .

Videos UGC TikTok are often short, original and creative, and can be entertaining, informative or inspiring.

There are several reasons why videos UGC TikTok are popular:

  1. They are easy to create and share. TikTok allows users to create videos in a simple and fast way using built-in editing tools and adding music, effects and filters.
  2. They are original and creative. TikTok is a place of creativity and innovation, and users are encouraged to post original and creative videos.
  3. They can be inspiring or informative. Some TikTok videos can be inspirational or educational, and can help people learn new things or come up with new ideas, as well as drive purchases.


TikTok users become creators

TikTok is not just a video consumption platform.

Indeed, the platform works tirelessly to provide a better experience, especially for content creators.

THE tiktok creator background launched in 2020 and especially the program B eta TikTok available since October are proof of this.

TikTok really wants to inspire its users to create content.

Today 83% of users have posted at least once on the platform.

With its overpowered algorithm, TikTok has opened up many opportunities for content creators, but also for brands.


TikTok UGC, a more reliable format for brands?

I’ UGC TikTok is considered to be more authentic and engaging because it reflects the real experiences and interests of users.

I’ UGC TikTok is often perceived to be more trustworthy than other types of content because it is not necessarily driven by commercial or financial interests.

Due to its creation by ordinary individuals, it is considered to be more credible and less likely to spread false information or aggressively promote products.

This is because UGC is often created by users who have a genuine interest in the product or service they are presenting, which can be more compelling than content created by a company to promote its products.

With this increased credibility, the TikTok UGC can be an effective way to promote a brand or product to a target audience.

Furthermore, the UGC TikTok can be a valuable tool for businesses to understand their customers’ needs and preferences and improve their products and services accordingly.


UGC TikTok, the future of advertising in 2023?

Many companies are therefore interested in TikTok UGC, because they can use this content to promote their products and services in an authentic and credible way.

As explained above, UGC is created by the users themselves, so it makes their videos more credible than traditional ads, which are often seen as biased or misleading.

UGC videos are often more original and creative, which can be more engaging for consumers than traditional advertisements, which for some are perceived as boring or irrelevant.

UGC can also generate more trust with consumers and encourage them to buy.

Today, 84% of consumers say they trust their peers over advertising.

And 79% of people say UGC influences their buying decision.

To learn more about the UGC Ads you can read our full article on the subject here .


How to set up UGC campaigns?

Use an agency specializing in UGC

At the house of Neads, we are specialized in the management of advertising campaigns on social networks (Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest).

One of the strengths of our agency is our network of UGC content creators.

With over 300 content creators specialized in different sectors (Fashion, Beauty, Sport, etc.), Neads supports brands in the growth and development of their sales thanks to the UGC TikTok .

By choosing Neads for your UGC campaigns, you benefit from:

  • A list of creators adapted to your brand and your values
  • The drafting of precise creative briefings by our creative strategists
  • The production of UGC videos by creators who adapt to the codes of each platform
  • Permanent contact with our creative team
  • Video delivery within 30 days