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  • Jonak
  • Manucurist
  • Lashilé
  • Pin Up Secret
  • Wethenew
  • BZB
  • Kaporal
  • Kiabi
  • Autour de bébé
  • Princesse Tam Tam
  • Allianz
  • Crédit Agricole Languedoc
  • BPI France
  • Shine
  • Veolia

The Social Ads agency for creativity and performance

Neads is the Social Ads agency that helps brands grow with a creative, high-performance approach to online advertising.

Our paid consultants and creative experts work in synergy to design tailor-made campaigns to maximize your results.

We strategically manage and optimize your campaigns, taking into account the specific characteristics of each network, to drive performance and growth.

Agence Social Ads

Certified expertise
on every platform

Agence TikTok TikTok Ads

Tap into the trendy platform with TikTok Ads

Instagram Ads

Maximize your visibility and sales with Instagram Ads

Snapchat Ads

Reach young audiences and GenZ with Snapchat Ads

Facebook Ads

Optimize conversions with Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Generate qualified B2B leads with LinkedIn Ads

YouTube Ads

Engage your audience with video ads on YouTube Ads

Pinterest Ads

Inspire discovery with the visual power of Pinterest Ads

The Social Ads offer in figures

managed media budget
acquisition costs
average ROAS

Our Methodology

A transparent process to achieve your goals


Development of a personalized Social Ads strategy by our expert consultants, based on your objectives.


Production of high-performance creative content (UGC videos, motion, filming…) for your Social Ads campaigns.


Meticulous execution and management of your Social Ads campaigns, using a test & learn methodology.



A real-time tracking tool and customized monthly reports for transparent monitoring of your Social Ads results.

We produce creatives that convert

80% of an ad's performance comes from its creation

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"Combining data, creativity and profitability, social ads are now an essential lever for brands in their growth and development strategies."

Many Tavakoli
Many TavakoliHead of Performance at Neads

They are won over by Neads

We entrusted Neads with the management of our acquisition campaigns.
The agency brought real creative and scientific expertise to bear on the sometimes surprising results !

Ilan Amar
CEO of Eleven Paris

Neads fully understood Jonak’s specific challenges and needs on TikTok. Their team of experts deployed effective strategies that led to remarkable results. We highly recommend them.

Lisa Nakam
Jonak Associate General Manager

Very satisfied of the collaboration with the Neads teams, who were able to be proactive in the quest for our objectives on Meta, TikTok and Pinterest.

Hélène Alif
E-commerce manager Juliette has a gun

The benefits of Social Ads


Social networks have become essential platforms, where millions of users spend a large part of their time every day.
With Social Ads, you can exploit this opportunity to dramatically extend your brand’s reach and visibility.
By running relevant ads on these platforms, you can reach a large audience and strengthen your brand’s online presence.


Building strong brand awareness is an essential element in establishing lasting relationships with your future customers.
With Social Ads, you have the opportunity to consolidate brand recognition by launching creative and engaging advertising campaigns.
This enables you to develop your image, create a community around your products and brand, and thus encourage customer loyalty.


Social networks offer the opportunity to attract new consumers and turn them into customers.
With Social Ads campaigns, you can achieve your marketing objectives with effective advertising solutions tailored to every need.
This enables you to increase sales, generate conversions and attract qualified leads.


To guarantee successful conversions, it’s crucial to reach the right audience.

The advantage of Social Ads is their ability to precisely reach your target audience.

They offer you advanced tools to meticulously define your audience, taking into account various criteria such as demographics, interests and much more.

Why Neads as a Social Ads agency ?

Choosing Neads as your Social Ads agency means surrounding yourself with experienced, certified consultants to manage your advertising campaigns.

We develop strategies tailored to your needs and marketing objectives.

Our experts master all platforms, implementing structured campaigns, A/B testing on creative and audience, and following an iterative test & learn approach to improve your performance.

Our Social Ads agency stands out for its commitment to supporting you as you grow, by providing you with a personalized process, quality support and transparent monitoring of your campaigns in real time.

Agence Social Ads

You have a question ?

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our social ads agency.

Working with our certified Social Ads agency guarantees access to the expertise of professionals specialized in managing and optimizing high-performance advertising campaigns.


Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of platforms (TikTok Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads…) to increase your return on investment, precisely target your audience and design personalized strategies tailored to your objectives.


They’ll guide you in choosing priority platforms for your brand, managing your budgets, advising on creative to maximize performance, and providing you with reports and real-time tracking of your campaigns.


Working with our Social Ads agency also saves you time, allowing you to concentrate more on developing your products and services.

The services offered by our Social Ads agency vary according to your needs and objectives.

They may include :

  • Creation of your advertising account (if none exists)
  • Configuration of technical elements such as the Pixel, Conversion API and events
  • Audit of your advertising account and its performance
  • Benchmarking and recommendations on your advertising content
  • Implementation of acquisition, re-engagement and retargeting strategies
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Weekly and monthly meetings
  • Personalized follow-up via e-mail, Slack, WhatsApp or other means
  • Real-time reporting using tools such as Notion, Looker Studio or others

The choice of social ads platform depends on various factors, such as your target audience, your brand objectives, your advertising budgets and your ability to create advertising content.

Our Social Ads agency can support you on :

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Our Social Ads agency’s role is also to advise you on the most appropriate network(s) for your brand, based on your needs and expectations in terms of results.

The Social Ads advertising budget fluctuates according to various factors:

  • Your brand’s ability to spend
  • Your marketing objectives
  • Market size and competition
  • Different platforms (CPMs vary from one network to another)
  • Campaign types

and many other criteria.

Our Social Ads agency will help you determine and allocate appropriate budgets to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

They trust us

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