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Video has become the most consumed type of content on social media, as well as the most engaging. 73% of internet users are more likely to buy a product or service after having seen a video.

Based on your existing content, our creative strategists designs motion design videos adapted to each social network and optimised for conversion.

Adapting your content in motion design

Based on your creative content (video shoots, visuals, TV ads), we create dynamic and powerful video content for your social ad campaigns that work in all formats: 1.9:1 (landscape), 1:1 (square), 4:5 (vertical), 9/16 (story).

Each creation is analysed to continuously optimise our campaigns and their performance.

Our creative strategists design videos with each social network’s unique culture and features in mind (scroll stopper, format, length, calls to action, etc.).

A creative strategy adapted to your sales funnel

We adapt each of our creations for each stage in your sales funnel in order to maximise conversions. Forget about displaying the same messaging to both cold audiences and visitors to your site!

The first stages of the funnel are about introducing your brand and your values to your audience, whereas further down the funnel, we can begin evoking sales arguments for specific products or promotions, and encourage potential customers towards generating a sale.

This granular strategy is what will enables you to achieve the best performance for your campaigns.

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Our latest Motion Design Ads creatives

Why choose Neads for your motion design videos?

Our motion design agency produces creative snackable content with real added value. We combine text and images in a new way to captivate your audience and convey strong messages. Neads is committed to delivering messages through unique visual concepts that will catch the attention of your audience.

Social media algorithms have become very powerful, so much so that the added value of an agency revolves around the creative elements that it can bring, and the in-depth analysis of creative performance. That’s why Neads provides you with unique video content that is regularly updated to limit “ad fatigue”.

Our motion design agency supports you in the creation of videos by preparing specific formats adapted to your campaign’s needs. Depending on your goals, we will design each video specifically for the platform it will be displayed on, in order to achieve the best performance: sales development, lead generation, POS footfall, or brand awareness.

Whether square, landscape, or vertical; 10, 15, or 30 seconds long, we provide all the different versions that you’ll need.

From strategic design to production, our creative strategists will be with you every step of the way to produce creative and high-performing content designed to reach your brand image, awareness, engagement, and conversion goals.

As a motion design agency that puts creativity and support at the heart of everything it does, Neads will be by your side to offer you bespoke solutions at every stage of our relationship.

If you want to promote your brand, product, or services, our motion design agency will help you generate a solid, social-media-savvy brand image.

Our process

We offer a comprehensive methodology with services that work hand-in-hand to achieve your goals



We take stock of your assets (footage, visuals, videos…) and transform them into dynamic videos.



Our creative strategists design videos around each social network’s specific features.



We use your pre-existing assets to create videos in After Effects for your social ad campaigns.



Once your videos are ready, you can use them wherever you like – paid or organic.


You can check the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our motion design agency.

If you don’t find your solution here, leave us a message and we will do our best to answer it!

What is Motion Design ?

Motion design is a technique that allows to animate elements such as images or videos, all coupled with sound.

Our motion design agency allows you to highlight your products or services in the most attractive way possible.

How much does a motion design video cost ?

A motion design agency charges fees according to the time spent and the complexity of the video. For a motion design video intended for paid social campaigns, you should count between 250€ and 1000€.

What are the creative processes in motion design agencies ?

As soon as we receive your assets (videos, photos,…), we make storyboards before moving on to the creation phase. Your videos are then delivered to you as soon as possible.

How long does it take to make a motion video ?

Our motion design agency wants to be fast and efficient, that’s why we deliver your videos within 1 to 3 days depending on their complexity.

What software is used in motion design agencies ?

We create your videos in motion design from your assets on the software of the Adobe suite (After Effect, Première Pro).

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  • 9,3
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  • +40%
    new customers
  • >2M
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  • -82%
    CPA on the VIP List campaign
  • >1M
    impressions over Black Friday
  • +20%
    additional revenue with TikTok
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  • -40%
    CPA in two months
  • >2M
    people reached on Snap and TikTok
  • +30%
    additional turnover
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