All about the TikTok for Creation Beta Program

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Since 2020, TikTok has been growing steadily with impressive numbers.

With more than one billion monthly active users and an application that ranks first in number of downloads ahead of Instagram.

TikTok has become an essential platform, especially among young people.

With over 47% of users aged 10-29 , the platform has conquered young people and Generation Z.

But it does not stop there.

More and more users are turning into content creators. In effect, 83% of users have posted at least once on the platform.

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This shows a strong craze for both consuming entertaining videos and making videos.

The advantage of TikTok also lies in the power of its algorithm.

The latter is arguably the most powerful in terms of organic visibility.

TikTok is the only social network to highlight its users so much and this has allowed the emergence of many talents and creators on the platform. (Besides, if you are a content creator on TikTok and want to collaborate with brands, our agency is recruiting new talents, then just apply here ).

To reward content creators, TikTok implemented in September 2020 the creator background , allowing them to receive some money for their contribution.

In October 2022, TikTok launched a new, much more advantageous compensation program for creators provided they meet certain criteria.


What is the TikTok Beta program for creation?

the TikTok Beta program , is a program of monetization for content creators.

To encourage its latter in the creation and sharing of original and authentic content, TikTok is opening a new monetization opportunity so that “passions turn into careers or even change the lives of some”

This TikTok beta program rewards content creators who make videos of more than a minute .

For several months, TikTok has aimed to offer longer and longer content on its platform, in particular to compete with Instagram and Youtube.

When it was launched, the videos did not exceed 30 seconds, today it is possible to publish videos of up to 10 minutes.


TikTok program for creation how does it work?

Once enrolled in the beta of the TikTok program , creators must meet program requirements to receive their rewards.

Rewards are based on aggregate performance of qualifying videos and views.

TikTok’s beta program has been revamped to provide higher revenue for eligible video views.

Indeed, the first designer background allowed to benefit from a fairly low remuneration (between €0.02 and €0.04 for 1000 views).

This could somewhat discourage some very active content creators on the platform.

With this program, the better the videos perform, the greater the rewards will be with much higher remuneration.

Attention : All creators enrolled in the new TikTok beta program will not be able to benefit from the initial creator fund.


Who is eligible for the TikTok creation program?

To be eligible for the beta program, creators must respect and meet certain conditions.

  • The creator’s TikTok account must be in good standing and registered in France.
    Other countries are eligible in Europe such as Spain, Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom
  • The creator must have a personal account, business accounts are not eligible for the beta compensation program
  • The creator must be of legal age (minimum 18 years old)
  • Creator must have a community of at least 10,000 followers
  • He must have at least 100,000 views on all his videos in the last 30 days


Which videos are eligible for the TikTok beta program?

To receive performance rewards for your videos, your videos must meet the following requirements:

  • Posted videos must be at least 1 minute long
  • Eligible videos will be those made and uploaded after joining the program
  • Count at least 1000 views on the video
  • Video views for an account are only counted once
  • Views of videos less than 5 seconds are not eligible.
  • Views of videos that left a dislike
  • Videos must not include advertising or sponsored content
  • Each video must be authentic and made by the creator himself
  • Of course, respect the community rules as well as the conditions of service

Non-original content is not eligible:

  • Duo Videos and Collages
  • Republished contents belonging to other users (with their watermarks)
  • Videos that include other people’s content (videos, photos) with no added personal touch.


What are the differences with the classic designer background?

There are major differences between the designer background classic and the program beta for creation .

First point , the program was designed to provide higher average gross earnings for eligible views.

Creators are therefore much better rewarded for their content than in the past (far from the few cents for 1000 views).

Second point , videos eligible for rewards will only be for videos longer than one minute.

While the old creator background considered all videos.

Last point , creators who joined the beta of the TikTok program have access to a detailed dashboard of all their performance and analytical data.

They will thus have access to all the views eligible for monetization as well as the revenue per thousand views (RPM).

It will even be possible to challenge videos that have not been taken into account from the dashboard.


How much does a TikTokeur earn thanks to the TikTok creation program?

The remuneration of content creators who joined the TikTok beta program takes into account many factors.

As explained above, this depends in particular on the engagement of the videos and the authenticity of the views.

However, many creators have seen great earnings after joining this new program.

Some designers are paid up to 1€ for 1000 views but this remains variable according to the different accounts and the country where the creators are.

One thing is certain, this new program will allow creators to benefit from income commensurate with their creativity.

Besides getting paid from TikTok, there are other ways to make money as a content creator on the platform, we’ve listed you here .

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Remuneration is sometimes very high and this allows brands to benefit from better visibility with their target.

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