Facebook Ads Power 5 explained

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Five techniques for optimising your Facebook Ads campaigns in 2021

The Power 5 are the five ingredients for guaranteed success in your Facebook Ads advertising campaign, every time.

Increased traffic, reputation, and sales for your online store, increased lead generation and traffic on your site, conversion rate through the roof… You can get these results thanks to the Power 5 strategy, which is already famous in the United States.

Based on tactics that harness the benefits of automation for maximum gains, this principle requires you to understand not only the basics of online marketing, but also how Facebook Ads works.

  • Not yet a Facebook Ads user? You’ll no doubt discover its potential very soon.
  • Want to ensure the best return on your advertising investment?

In this mini-guide, let us explain how to use your Facebook Ads account to its full potential. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how its algorithm works – and how to make it work for you. The Facebook Ads algorithm is constantly updated, getting smarter and more intuitive at every iteration. Ultimately, Facebook’s goal is for you to be satisfied with the results and ROI their ad platform brings you.

Let us explain the five tactics for making the most of the automation your Facebook Ads account offers to maximise its effectiveness.

Facebook Ads: what you need to know

Facebook Ads is a paid service provided by Facebook for sellers to post their ads on Facebook websites. With Facebook being the most popular social network in the world with more than two billion users, advertisers benefit from maximum visibility and potential conversions.

What does the group promise? That you can harness this potential to increase your sales and achieve a rewarding ROI.

The catch is that you need to know what to post, when, and to whom. In addition, you have to know which strategy to use and how to turn your prospects into customers.

This is where the Power 5 come in!

Le Power 5: what’s it all about?

The five tactics are:

  1. Optimising your advertising campaign budget
  2. Simplifying your advertising account
  3. The use of automatic placements
  4. Auto advanced matching
  5. The use of dynamic ads

These Power 5 tactics are based on the automation of Facebook Ads’ features, enabling you to better manage, adapt, and personalise your campaigns, all while investing the least of your time on them!

Indeed, improvements made to Facebook Ads’ intelligent algorithm let it better process your campaign data to define which segment of your audience has the most potential.

Better targetted ads have more impact!

How to use the Power 5 on Facebook Ads

1. Optimising your advertising campaign budget

Whereas before, you individually selected the price allocated to each of your ads, now, with Facebook Ads, you can benefit from the automatic optimisation of your campaign budget.

The CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) is automatically adapted to target your high-potential audiences. In general, these are the audiences with a better conversion rate, which therefore guarantee a better return on investment.

2. Simplifying your advertising account

Before, you segmented your audience personally by testing them to see which ones gave you the best result. Now, you can now let Facebook Ads do all the heavy lifting.

Simplifying your account by keeping a wide audience for each of your ad campaigns lets the algorithm do all the work. It will test audiences and see which ads and which placements offer the best return with the lowest costs. In short, target broadly and let Facebook test your audiences!

3. The use of automatic placements

The principle of this tactic is perhaps more controversial, because it allows Facebook to distribute your ad budget itself by choosing different placements. Based on real-time data, it aims to continuously obtain the best performance with the allocated budget.

This option can prove beneficial because it allows you to open up to new audiences, while avoiding competing with yourself by serving the same advertisements to the same users on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can adapt each ad so that it’s not the same across multiple platforms.

4. Auto advanced matching

When enabled, this option helps Facebook identify user actions faster and more effectively.

The pixel integrated into its software’s coding allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns on your audience’s behaviour by counting the number of successful conversions, adds to basket, clicks on each item, etc.

The data is received in encrypted form but still allows Facebook to identify more people, thereby expanding your personalised audiences. This can be a significant factor in boosting conversions from your ads, and you can keep a close eye on the cost and the impact they have in real terms.

5. Use of dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are ads that change for each user. From the moment they add a product to their basket or simply check out a product page on your site, you can personalise the ads they see on one of the social networks.

This requires either installing Facebook Pixel on your website, or providing a list of your products to the Facebook catalogue.

This becomes particularly worthwhile when you consider that the ROI on dynamic ads is higher than the average, since you’re targeting the audience with products that already interest them.

Thanks to these five tactics – the Power 5 – you can really maximise your returns on Facebook Ads!

All you have to do is apply them and wait for the results to show…

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