What is Ray Ban Stories Meta?

The market for connected glasses welcome a new major player Meta (formerly Facebook).

After the Google Glass then the glasses Snapchat shows , Meta had to react to its competitors.

And it is with a brand of sunglasses very well known to the general public, Ray Ban , that the social media giant has decided to join forces to create its Ray Ban Stories .

With the rise of the connected objects market, sunglasses manufacturers are increasingly embarking on this new trend. They want to offer consumers a product with features generally associated with those of mobile phones.

Initially available only in the USA, the Ray Ban Stories Meta are now available since March 2022 in France.

Meta’s Ray Ban Stories make it possible to immortalize your moments by taking photos and videos and share them directly on your social networks.


Ray Ban Stories Meta how does it work?

The Ray Ban Stories feature dual 5-megapixel camera lenses on the front of each temple.

Once lit thanks to a button on the top of the right branch, a click is enough to activate the video recording (a small sound warns you of the start of the recording).

When it was launched in the USA, the Ray Ban Stories could make videos of only 30 seconds, which greatly displeased users. This duration has now been increased to 60 seconds since the last update.

For what it is on the photo side, a little higher pressure on the button and the capture is carried out.

To avoid filming people without their knowledge, a white LED placed above the right lens lights up when the camera is activated.

However, the latter is not necessarily clearly visible to people around, which further reinforces the questions related to the protection of privacy.


The different features of the Ray Ban Stories Meta

The camera

A frame Ray Ban Stories fully charged can capture up to 500 photos with a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels.

video recording

On the video side, it is possible to record up to 30 videos in 30 frames per second with a resolution of 1184×1184 pixel (Shows 4 of Snapchat allow them to film in 3D at 60 frames per second).

Be careful all the same, the storage capacity of the Ray-Ban Stories Meta is limited to 4 GB.

voice command

The Ray Ban Stories offer the possibility of taking photos and videos in hands-free mode and enjoying the present moment.

Thanks to a quality audio system made up of 3 integrated microphones, as well as 2 speakers at the back of the temples.

You can make your calls or send messages directly using the “Hey Facebook” voice command from the Facebook assistant.

Also, you can listen to music directly with your glasses without the need for headphones.

The touch control

The Ray Ban Stories Meta have a hyper-responsive touchpad on the right arm.

The latter allows you to pause, increase or decrease the volume of your music.

You can also take a call or launch a photo or video capture with a simple finger gesture.

The autonomy of the Ray Ban Stories

The Ray-Ban Stories offer an autonomy of 6 hours for moderate use.

However, thanks to the charging case, you benefit from an additional 3 days of autonomy.

This box works moreover in the same way as the boxes used for wireless headphones ( airpods ) .
Simply store the glasses in the case to charge them.


The Ray Ban Stories are connected glasses thanks to the Facebook View App.

Facebook AppView app

Of course, you must first have a Facebook account.

Once connected to the glasses, you can import, modify and edit your captures from the application and thus share your content directly on Facebook applications, such as Instagram (Stories, Actual ) and WhatsApp.

However, you must have at least an iPhone under IOS 13 or an Android device with a minimum version of 8.1.


The price: How much do the Ray Ban Stories Meta cost?

The Ray Ban Stories are available in France with 3 classic models from Ray Ban:

  • Wayfarer
  • round
  • Meteor

They are available in both eyeglasses and sunglasses, with a choice of ten colors depending on the model.

The entry price is fixed at 329 € to go up to 409 €.

The glasses are supplied with their charging case and a USB type C charging cable.


Towards an increasingly connected world?

The market for connected objects has been booming in recent years, particularly with more and more connected objects in our daily lives and in our homes. (bulb, vacuum cleaner, thermostat…) .

According to a study conducted in January 2022 by I’ Ademe and I’ Arcep , the number of connected objects in France is estimated at 244 million.

Be more than three connected objects on average per French person.

The market is expected to grow further in the coming years to reach, according to estimates, more than 20 billion connected objects in 2025, whereas there were only 1 billion in 2010.

And the personal data?

The question of personal data is increasingly raised.
All the more important since many connected objects collect our information and can even transmit it to a third party.

Why? Because personal data is increasingly valuable, and the companies that own it can resell it to third-party companies, over which they do not necessarily have control.

The processing of data collected by connected objects must therefore be extremely well supervised by companies and governments.

The GDPR, implemented in April 2016, has already made it possible to better protect the personal data of European users.

This law is intended on the one hand to protect natural persons from automated processing carried out on their personal data, and on the other hand to determine the responsibilities of the parties involved in the processing of this data.

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