Neads is officially a Digital Native Club partner!


What is the Digital Native Group?

The most exclusive strategy consulting firm in France, the Digital Native Group, and the “plug & play” e-commerce logistics solution, Big Blue decided to merge their skills by creating the Digital Native Club in 2019.

It is the business club that’s reviving the French market by uniting French DNVBs and e-commerce brands to share experience, tips, and advice.

Brands such as MyJolieCandle, Merci Handy, or Les Petits Prodiges, are all part of the Digital Native Group.


This week, Neads has joined the club!


What are our benefits as a member?


  • We will be supported by three partner companies (PayPlug, Shopify and Snapchat). This means we’ll benefit from what other member service providers offer in terms of training and support.


  • Access to exclusive content and a network of online retailers, entrepreneurs, and service providers, as well as support for mutual assistance between club members and partners.


  • Participation in networking events where we’ll be happy to bring our expertise to DNVBs on how to boost their online sales through advertising on social networks and exchange with other partners on their acquisition issues.


We’d like to thank Kim Attaf and the entire Digital Native Group team for your support!

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