How to make money on TikTok

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10 ideas and tips for monetising your views

These days, there’s no need to be a celebrity or brand to make money on TikTok! While social media growth is rather slow on the whole, TikTok’s is still on the rise. For the first trimester of 2022, the app recorded a growth of 9.6% and hit the symbolic bar of a billion users.

The platform’s popularity is a stroke of luck for those who wish to monetise their content. Here are five tips and five ideas to help you earn money easily with TikTok.

How to monetise your TikTok account – five ideas

To get money for views on TikTok, content creators have a choice between a few strategies, most of which are very accessible.

Becoming an influencer to form partnerships with brands

This strategy is popular and effective. It’s been working for years on other social networks such as Instagram. The idea is to pick a brand that aligns with your interests and those of your audience, in order to promote a product in one or a few of your videos. For instance, a fitness influencer might form a partnership with a company who makes food supplements or sports equipment.

In real terms, partnerships consist of mentioning the product or posting a link to it in one of your TikTok posts. Some companies propose very high financial rewards, and if the partnership is profitable, the operation can even be renewed regularly. The technique’s success hangs on a few parameters, namely the size and effective targeting of your audience.

Become a brand and sell your own products

Users can also choose to sell their own products on TikTok, just like on other social networks.

With its large base of active users, TikTok is a real paradise for brands, including smaller companies just starting out. The idea here is to use the platform as a marketing lever, as others already do on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Some TikTok users whose popularity is growing quickly can decide to become a brand and launch a product, hedging their bets on their audience’s engagement. Here, too, the idea is to choose a relevant product which meets a specific need among your followers and fits in with their lifestyles. Makeup products, for instance, if your niche happens to be beauty. TikTokers who do not wish to sell physical products can perhaps offer training courses or paid content.

Join the Creator Fund

In 2020, TikTok set up the European Creator Fund to support creators of original and innovative content. This fund simply makes it possible to be paid for content produced and shared on the platform.

But be careful, the Creator Fund is not open to everyone. TikTok selects who can access it from a selection of candidates who must correspond to the following criteria to apply:

  • Have at least 10,000 followers
  • Get at least 100,000 views every 30 days period
  • Be located in France, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, Spain, or Italy
  • Create original content
  • Follow TikTok guidelines and conditions of use

And, of course, be over 18 years old

Receiving donations from your followers

TikTok possesses its own virtual currency, Coins, which can be used by users to send gifts and donations to other users during a livestream. This option is restricted to accounts with over 1,000 followers, which is relatively easy to reach on TikTok.

These Coins are then converted to “diamonds”, which can, in turn, be converted to money via PayPal.

Sell your TikTok expertise by becoming a coach or a consultant

TikTok’s explosion is relatively recent, and many brands need help to set up a relevant strategy on the platform.

This is why increasing numbers of TikTokers are switching to consulting to sell their expertise and know-how. It can be a highly profitable practice! The idea is to assist brands in the development of their TikTok strategy, helping them to understand the workings and nature of the platform, techniques for creating relevant content, trends, ad formats…

Five essential tips for monetising your content

The techniques above show you how to monetise an existing audience. Here are some tips to help you grow and develop your follower base:

Find a niche

This is essential for attracting a loyal audience and building a solid and coherent identity: you need a speciality! This advice holds for all social media, especially TikTok. Finding a niche is indispensable to stand out and escape the high competitiveness of more general content. For instance, in the beauty sector, niches tend to separate into advice based on hair type, skin type, or body type.

Most of the time, TikTok influencers choose a niche they feel strongly about – a passion, an original hobby, or personal struggle they document in their content. Using or adapting hashtags that exist in your niche will rapidly grow both your popularity and your ranking.

Be regular

On TikTok, regularity is key. The algorithm is kind to content creators with a high production rate. Use your creativity!

To stay inspired, you can always base your content on current trends. It’s always interesting to see what other successful influencers in your field are producing. Generally, that sets the trends for the following weeks.

Create original content

While it’s a good idea to take inspiration from trending formats, be careful not to be a copycat. To stand out and build customer loyalty, it’s important to create original content that your audience won’t find elsewhere. Copy and paste is the best way of losing your followers’ trust and losing credibility.

And the best way of easily creating original content is to choose a subject you are passionate about, like an interest or issue you know well.

Create engaging content

Your content must be authentic, it must be close to you and resonate with your audience to establish trust. The key to success on TikTok is managing to communicate an authentic and original message while fitting in with the app’s unique culture.

Here are a few ideas for producing engaging and attractive videos:

  • Grab your audience’s attention in the very first second
  • You can always rely on humour
  • Choose catchy music
  • Tease your audience, spark their curiosity
  • Share tips and little known facts
  • Tell a story

As a general rule, what works well on TikTok are personal stories presented comedically that your followers can easily relate to.

Be transparent with your audience

This rule goes for all social networks, and TikTok is no exception: every time you do product placement in one of your videos, the audience must be clearly informed of the fact. Beyond simply being conventional, this is a legal requirement: not stating an advertisement as such is an infringement of various laws in many European countries.

If the product you’re showcasing is of interest to them, your followers won’t be put off by your advertising partnership. These product placements are even appreciated when the product in question solves a problem they’ve been experiencing!