TikTok Branded Mission the format that is revolutionizing micro influence

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In 2021, TikTok has become the most downloaded app in the world with more than 700 million downloads thus surpassing Facebook and Instagram.

The platform had even announced that it had exceeded one billion users.

The TikTok phenomenon has seduced the general public and in particular generation Z and young people.

10-29 year olds represent 47% of the platform’s users, however the TikTok audience includes all generations with 42% of users aged 30 to 49 and more than 10% for those over 50.

Today TikTok has become a global phenomenon , it must be said that the platform stands out for its format and its trends unique.

On average, users spend more than an hour a day on the platform, and 90% of users access the application every day.

Generation Z even prefers to use TikTok as a search engine than Google’s search engine.


Users who become content creators

TikTok has completely changed the game, especially for content creators. Indeed, TikTok is the platform that highlights its users the most.

With its powerful algorithm, many users have seen their videos exceed millions of views without having to create a community.

We put you here 10 best practices for getting views on TikTok

The platform differentiates itself from its competitors by the fact that all users participate in content creation (83% of users have already posted a video on TikTok).

Users enjoy both consuming and creating trending videos.

This has accelerated the process of UGC creation very popular on the platform.


UGC creation, a new trend?

UGC Where User Generated Content represents content created by users, most often in video format.

The content is often unboxing, customer reviews, product presentations or feedback.

UGC videos are videos original and authentic that leave room for creativity.

Brands have understood this, UGC has become a much more effective way than traditional advertising to promote their products and services.

It is with this in mind that TikTok has implemented a new advertising format “ Branded Mission ”.

The goal is simple, to increase collaboration between brands and content creators in order to bring brands as much original content as possible.

TikTok Branded Mission ad format

What is the Branded Mission Format?

Branded Mission is a TikTok’s new ad format which relies on authenticity.

With this new format, brands can now offer missions for creators.

The goal being that they make UGC videos around the mark.

With this wave of UGC, the brand offers itself ultra-quality visibility and the creators are rewarded.

The best UGC videos chosen by the brands will be sponsored in UGA (User Generated Advertising) and will be remunerated.

For other creators, TikTok will ensure other participants, organic free views.

Many major brands have already carried out Branded Mission campaigns such as: Deezer, Burger King, Marvel, Pom’Potes or Carte Noire.


TikTok Branded Mission how does it work?

Step N°1: Creation of the mission by the brand

First, the brand will design a detailed brief with different conditions that the creators will have to fulfill in order to validate the mission.

In general, the brand asks creators to use:

  • A sound previously created by the brand for the occasion
  • Mention the brand in the description of your video
  • The use of a specific hashtag (as for the hashtag challenge)
  • Use a special effect in the video (Pom’Potes mission)

If the conditions requested in the mission are not met, the creator’s video will not be eligible.


Step N°2: The creators participate in the mission

Once the mission is available, the content creators are notified, they are then free to participate.

Content creators participate based on their attachment to the brand.

Indeed, the videos must be original and authentic.

To participate in brand missions, the creator must be at least 18 years old and have at least 1000 followers on TikTok.

It must imperatively respect the conditions requested by the brand in the brief.

The creator can participate up to 3 times with 3 different UGC videos to maximize their chances.

Finally, the UGC video(s) must also be submitted before a specific date communicated by the brand.


Step N°3: The brand selects the best videos for the sponsored ones

At the end of the mission, the brand can choose up to 200 UGC videos to boost them in advertising.

So we go from content UGC to content UGA .

The upside is that these UGAs will seamlessly blend into the platform alongside the organic videos.

The brand can thus benefit from the reputation of the creator, his creativity and the commitment of his community.


What are the benefits for creators?

As explained above, the best UGC videos are paid.

In addition, part of the advertising budgets will be donated to the best creators.

In addition, advertising will allow them to increase their visibility on the platform and thus benefit from a wider audience.


Branded Mission in numbers

Burger King was one of the very first brands to use this new Branded Mission advertising format.

Indeed, the brand had proposed a mission in which the creators had to:

  • show their face
  • Use the hashtag #MmmmhhhBurgerKing (brand slogan)
  • Mention @Burger King France in their description

This mission, coupled with a hashtag challenge had allowed the brand to obtain the submission of more than 800 UGC videos.

Only 15 of the best videos selected by the brand have been sponsored in UGA.

Overall all the videos generated by the campaign Branded Mission generated 48 million views for 1.75 million likes.


In conclusion, the advertising campaign Branded Mission helps bring content creators and brands together to get authentic content .

Today, UGC is becoming more and more the reference format for brands on social networks.

With its spontaneous and original format, UGC attracts consumers more easily than traditional advertisements.

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