Top View TikTok Ads: The format that boosts your visibility

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TikTok is a social network that has seen its growth explode over the past 2 years.

The platform has more than a billion monthly active users worldwide and ranks as the 2nd most downloaded application behind Instagram in 2022.


The TikTok Ads audience in France

In France, the audience of TikTok Ads is made up of 21 million monthly users, 71% of whom are young people between the ages of 18 and 34.

Women are in the majority with 57% of female users against 43% of male users.

The commitment of users on the platform is impressive.

On average, spectators spend more than 90 minutes a day there.

Finally, more than 132 billion video views are recorded each month.


Advertising on TikTok

With this exponential evolution, many brands have quickly integrated TikTok into their marketing strategy (both organically and in advertising).

TikTok advertising allows you to reach new audiences that are present nowhere else.

Indeed, 23% of TikTok users are not present on Instagram and 42% of TikTok users do not use Facebook.

There is therefore an important issue for brands and advertisers in terms of visibility and sales.

In addition, the short video format present on TikTok is a very engaging and effective format for advertising campaigns .

The video format being more attractive and captivating than text and static photo formats.

In addition, we advise you to set up video creations that follow the codes of the platform.

This will allow your ads to blend in with organic content.


There are many advertising formats on TikTok:

To learn more about all advertising formats, we wrote an article here .

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What is TikTok Top View Ad Format?

The Top View TikTok format, is one of the most powerful advertising formats on TikTok.

Indeed, it is the first video content that will be seen by users.

The Top View format is an advertising video that is displayed as soon as your application is opened.

You must have already experienced and come across a sponsored video, it’s the TopView format.

It makes it possible to reach a large audience since it is visible to a large number of consumers.

Additionally, Top View video is the only video that takes up the full width of the user’s device unlike other ad formats.

Top View provides an experience immersive unique to users as soon as the application is launched.


TikTok Top View Ads how does it work?

Topview TikTok

Xbox Brand Top View Ad Example

As explained above, the advertising format TikTok Top View activates as soon as users open their app.

The ad then appears full screen in 9:16 format.

The Tiktok Top View video can last between 5s and 60 seconds , TikTok recommends videos ranging from 9 to 15 seconds.

The Top View can only be skipped after a few seconds (between 3-5 seconds) by clicking on the button “Skip the ad” .

Please note that this ad format is not only active for 24 hours .

Finally, the Top View format cannot be presented more than 5 times to the same user, beyond this frequency the Top View format no longer appears when launching the application.

This helps prevent ad fatigue, as on average users open the app more than 18 times per day.

Once the TikTok Top View is partially viewed, the video switches to an InFeed format.

Infeed Ads

Xbox Brand Top View Ad Example

This is the classic advertising format that we are used to seeing.

It includes the brand logo, advertising description, hashtags, CTA (Call To Action) or button that links to the landing page of the advertiser.

Topview TikTok landing

Xbox landing page following Topview announcement

As well as all elements related to engagement, likes, comments and shares.


TikTok’s creative tips for a successful TopView

Here are some creative things to stick to before launching your TikTok TopView ads.

  • Always use vertical videos (this is the principle of the format)
  • Do not place elements (logo or text) in areas or buttons and descriptions.
  • Ensure a good color match (not too dark or too light)
  • Don’t place your brand logo from the beginning in a crude way, it might cause confusion among users that they might think they are on the wrong app.
  • Do not use video with TikTok watermarks, this video will not be eligible
  • Always use high quality videos for maximum impact and performance
  • Don’t use carousel photos or GIFs


Why use the Top View TikTok format?

TikTok Top View is a different format from other TikTok ad formats.

Traditional advertising formats are distributed through auctions, but the Top View format is based on a purchase at CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

This allows you to better control the targeting of your ad and get guaranteed impressions.

Regarding the targeting of Top View ads you can target:

  • Demographics (age, gender, language)
  • Centers of interest
  • The operating system (OS)

According to TikTok, 71% of users say the Top View format grabs their attention.

What could increase your CTR (Click Trough Rate) or Click-through rate of your ad as well as potentially the conversion rate.

In addition, this format is ideal for increasing the visibility and the fame of your brand at specific times of the year.

Using this format, you can generate sales and conversions faster.

The Top View format can be used in several scenarios, for example:

  • Reinforce the brand image
  • Launch of a new collection of products
  • During the high points of the year (sales, holidays)

info : Tiktok is the application that made consumers spend the most in 2022.


How to Create TikTok Top View Ads?

As we mentioned above, the TikTok Top View format is an advertisement that only works for 24 hours but has a strong impact on consumers.

However, the entrance ticket is quite high, it takes several thousand euros.

If you do not have the budget for this type of campaign, we advise you to turn to ads Infeed are cheaper and distributed over the long term.

The Top View format is the most expensive format of all advertising formats.

In general, this format is used by very large brands and requires a reservation request with TikTok.

You can go through our agency Neads , we support very big brands in the management of their campaigns TikTok Ads and we work closely with the TikTok teams.


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