How important is creation in the performance of Social Ads campaigns?

Nathan Elmaleh CEO Neads
3 min

Picture the scene: two companies offer the same product, one is a hit and the other a flop.

Since they’re selling the same thing, what differentiates the two companies?

The marketing and creative approach around the product are totally different.

Marketers constantly want to optimise their campaigns to generate revenue and often overlook THE essential way to improve campaign performance.

Why adapt content to each platform?

Before anything else, you should know who your ads are targeted at and, by extension, how you can best address that specific target.

Instagram content and TikTok content are consumed differently, for example. The goal is for each social network to approach its own target based on purchasing behaviour. All advertising must adapt to the chosen acquisition lever, and the content must therefore be diversified. Duplicating your advertising campaign on all social networks is much less optimal than offering unique content.

To continue to increase your performance, you have to adapt and renew your content daily.

To transform visits into baskets, page optimisation and ad creativity are essential. A combination of these elements will lead to a boost in your campaigns…

How can I adapt my content?

Over time, images become less meaningful due to overexposure. Marketing techniques evolve with the help of text and photos that adapt to the times and the target.

Users are increasingly addicted to videos, as we have seen with the rise of TikTok or Instagram Reels. And ad-serving algorithms treat video content more favourably on these platforms.

You will need different ads to customise each campaign for each target.

How to offer creative content that will boost your sales

Innovating on the type of images to refresh a campaign is a great way to improve performance by offering new creative channels. SEO and local campaigns on social networks make for an effective campaign for specific local products.

Creative optimisation makes it easy to create a real-time campaign based on multiple creative elements.

Providing users with advertising that’s relevant and consistent with their intentions can only send performance rates upwards. No more wasting time with people who click but don’t buy.

It seems clear, then, that creativity is the key element of digital marketing.

Testing different formats and taking the time to properly analyse your campaigns enables you to reach your objectives more quickly…

By taking these aspects into account in your strategy, you will be able to produce an optimised campaign by optimising your budget more intelligently in your traffic acquisition campaigns.

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