The world of augmented reality (AR) is in full expansion. Facebook and Snapchat have already started developing AR experiences for their own apps. It’s not surprising that TikTok, a platform where users share short video clips, is planning to do the same. For more information on the viral content of TikTok, come this way ?


TikTok Effect Studio



TikTok has launched a new set of innovative tools called TikTok Effect Studio, which is currently in a test phase and which will enable its community of developers to create moments of augmented reality for the short video app TikTok.

TikTok has invited interested developers to sign up to benefit from early access to Effect Studio via a new website.

Developers must provide their name, email address, and information relative to their TikTok account, their brand, and their experience in AR creation, as well as a few examples of their work. The website also asks whether they use a Mac or a PC and whether they are planning to use Effect House for business or for pleasure. That’s the TikTok AR studio at its most basic.

Though Effect House was launched in August, it’s still very much in its infancy and only available in few markets, including the United States. TikTok hasn’t yet been able to provide a timeline for a larger scale release. TikTok has termed Effect Studio an “experiment” all the while noting that experiments don’t always meet with success.


The launch of an AR toolkit integrating TikTok AR effects would reinforce TikTok’s competitiveness, while increasing the features on offer in the app. Snapchat created a 3.5 million dollar fund dedicated to the development of Snapchat AR Lenses. At Facebook’s F8 developers conference in June, the company declared that the augmented reality platform Spark had reached 600,000 artists in more than 190 countries, which makes it the biggest – and the best – AR platform in the world. Would you like more information on TikTok Spark Ads? Here you go!



The emphasis has been put on toolkits destined to third-party developers who wish to integrate TikTok to their products. Users can access tools on the TikTok developers’ portal, which will allow them to integrate many TikTok features into their own apps.

However, the new TikTok Effect Studio isn’t destined to be used with third party apps. The idea is rather to create AR experiences aimed at shoppers for users to use within the app.


The Effect House, a commercial tool


TikTok is a dynamic and popular platform that can help your company if used correctly:



1. Create original content

You can use TikTok for your promotion even if your company isn’t yet well known. It all starts with careful planning of your content and the use of the following methods.

Be Authentic. Most users on social media do not have access to expensive cameras or huge budgets for creation. They make videos about themselves just with their telephones and in their spare time. Apply the same method to your content. Clients will connect with you and identify with you if you personalise your brand, which will develop trust.

Add a personal touch. You don’t have to find unique content ideas for TikTok. As the platform is entirely built on community participation and hashtags, all you have to do is find current trends and make them your own. Use challenges or popular music. If you spot a trend in your niche, follow it.


2. Create and share user generated content (UGC)

Though TikTok is easygoing and light-hearted, creating content requires thought and imagination. Brands must design their content to maximise their return on investment.


3. Advertise

TikTok, like other social media sites, is heading towards monetisation, with advertisers paying for their ads to be shown to audiences. There are many ways of using AR to promote your e-commerce.


TikTok proposes the following methods to pay for in-app advertising:


  • Branded content.

This material appears above all other content in the user’s feed. They are exclusive to certain categories and can lead straight to the advertiser’s landing page.


  • Native ads

These video adverts appear in the middle of the page. They can last up to 15 seconds and include buttons.


  • Create a TikTok filter connected to your company

When users pick a filter for their video, they can choose a lens that will last for 10 days. Lenses frequently figure in the top 10 most popular ads, and they’re available in 2D and 3D.


  • Use content created by influencers

Your brand can employ influencers to widen its reach, as you do on other social media. On TikTok, influencers have variable numbers of followers and levels of impact.


  • Use augmented reality with TikTok

Compared to some of its competitors, the attraction of TikTok is largely in the fun and progressive nature of its augmented reality. Here are some AR use cases that we’ve seen on the platform.


  • Musical videos

TikTok is first and foremost a musical app. This, along with its popularity as a platform for sharing dance routines, makes it the ideal place for sharing new musical adaptations. Musicians can record videos of new singles using an augmented reality effect to boost the choreography, which enables anyone to record their own music video from home!


  • Avatars and puppets

Another interesting characteristic of TikTok AR is the possibility to synchronise the user’s body with an avatar. The avatar then follows the user’s movements, making it, in effect, a puppet.


  • “Look” try-outs

Instagram made AR beauty try-outs popular, enabling users to test different styles of make-up on their faces. Users can now use TikTok to test trending looks and clothing by switching from one look to another in a fun way, like a simple nod of the head.


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