Pinterest is, without a doubt, an important platform for your brand. It boasts 442 million monthly active users worldwide, 240 billion registered Pins, and more than 5 billion boards created. Today, let’s take things a step further and see how to get started with Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest acts as a search engine for users looking for ideas. Therefore, displaying ads on the platform is very similar to advertising on search engines. Well-tagged content and ads will lead to more visibility for your online store and therefore better results.

Why launch an advertising campaigns on Pinterest for your online store?

Pinterest is a great platform for brands. Before making a purchasing decision, users come to Pinterest to seek inspiration and plan their purchase. In fact, 70% of Pinners credit Pinterest with helping them decide which products to buy. Still need convincing? Take a look at this:

  • Pinterest campaigns are cheaper. As it’s a relatively new advertising solution, there’s little competition from advertisers, and the CPC is lower than on other platforms. According to Pinterest’s effective reach study, video ads on the platform have three times the view rate of other social media on average.
  • It is a platform in full development. Pinterest users aren’t inundated with ads every ten seconds, so your campaign can capture more of their attention.
  • As stated earlier, this is a platform with a huge influence on buying decisions. In fact, 89% of Pinners use Pinterest weekly to get inspiration for their purchases.
  • The platform’s segmentation capabilities allow you to reach a highly qualified audience.

How to launch Pinterest Ads campaigns for e-commerce

When it comes to launching a paid media campaign, success isn’t as easy as setting a budget and creating the ad. Truly creating a campaign is more complicated, so we want to help you with this process. Here are the main steps you need to follow:

Set goals. You aim to achieve one of these three main advertising goals:

  1. Increased brand awareness and reach
  2. Consideration: increased traffic
  3. Conversions: increased number of actions carried out by users

To reach your brand’s ideal customer, use segmentation. Here’s how to sort users.

  1. Demographic criteria are used to target ads to the appropriate audience.
  2. Keywords that describe user behaviour and app preferences.
  3. When a user carries out a search, they have specific interests in mind.
  4. Upload your customer list to reach people who have already interacted with your brand on Pinterest or elsewhere.
  5. Audiences of Pinterest users who have previously engaged with your content.
  6. Users who have previously visited your website are your target audience.

Play around with campaign launch dates and budget

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest ads work similarly to search engine advertising. Therefore, ad placement is decided through an auction, with the highest placement going to the highest bidder.

Pinterest is made up of millions of Pins that serve as visually engaging, authentic, and inspiring content. It’s essential to consider the aesthetics of your campaigns.
When preparing your creatives, take into account the following recommendations:

  • Make your brand the focal point of the ad, and don’t forget to include the logo.
  • Use your imagination to convey your brand personality.
  • Don’t use too many filters on your images.
  • Make sure the composition is balanced and readable, and that the content belongs to you.
  • Optimise the copy of your Pins (100 characters maximum for the title and 500 characters for the description) and verify your links.
  • Mention discounts or sale prices in your campaign.

Take a look at Pinterest recommendations if you want to know what the best practices are. Also, keep in mind that there are six ad formats available on Pinterest:

  • Vertical or square images are the norm.
  • Stories in video format are called video stories.
  • Shopping: convert product pins to ads.
  • Carousel: a collection of images for a single ad.
  • Collections: a hybrid format that combines lifestyle photos and videos.
  • Story Pins are a new format and they’re currently only available in the UK and US, but will soon be available in France and Germany. Pins with multiple pages where you can combine images, videos, text, lists, and other media. In the Pinterest overview, you can read more about this ad type.

Don’t forget to track campaign performance to see what actions users take on your site after being influenced by your ads. Keep in mind that Pinterest’s algorithm optimises ads based on user clicks rather than conversions.
Keep in mind that Pinterest ads should integrate with and work alongside the rest of the Pins. That’s why Pinterest’s slogan is “stop interrupting, start inspiring”.

Let’s take a final look at the key factors the platform considers when displaying ads:

  • The quality of the linked site, i.e., its popularity outside of Pinterest.
  • Pin quality, i.e., how popular the content is on Pinterest.
  • Pinner quality: your quality as a content creator, and your presence and activity on the platform.
  • Pertinence, which is how the Pin relates to audience interests.


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