How to prepare for Black Friday in 2021

Nathan Elmaleh CEO Neads
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Whether you are a business or a consumer, you are bound to know the euphoria that surrounds the fourth Friday of November, the famous “Black Friday”.

Every year, thousands mark the date in their diaries as the day when brands and customers come together. According to BVA-Orange, 62% of French people wait for Black Friday to make purchases.

With monstrous sales and slashed prices, it’s an opportunity for every retailer to offer great deals to suit all buyer profiles.

This is one of the most important dates in the marketing calendar, so let us give you some advice to prepare you as best as possible for this event…

What is Black Friday?

This American concept, which arrived in Europe in 2013, quickly won over the general public, to the delight of brands.

Traditionally, Black Friday lasts 24 hours, but as we are greedy in France, it lasts the whole last weekend of November.

The origin of Black Friday dates back to the 1930s, when merchants revitalised the post-Great Depression economy by offering sales to boost their income before Christmas.

How important is Black Friday to you?

This year, Black Friday kicks off on November 26, less than a month before the end-of-year celebrations, and continues throughout the weekend.

The stakes of Christmas sales are high. We call this period the “golden quarter”, as it’s the most lucrative quarter of the year.

Black Friday plays on very powerful psychological principles, where the consumer is encouraged to make a purchase due to the urgency of the promotions.

A countdown is launched for a weekend where purchasing decisions must be made quickly, otherwise you may “miss something”.

Other factor that encourage buying are rarity and exclusivity. If only a part of the collection is on sale, consumers feels proud about the deal they dug out.

For this year, Deloitte forecasts between 11 to 15% growth in online sales for the 2021 session.

E-commerce sales are growing faster than in-store sales because consumers only need internet access and purchases are made with just a few clicks.

A real Godsend for DNVBs, who, in addition to seeing increased sales during the health crisis (according to the FEVAD, e-commerce has gone from 9.8% to 14.4% of sales in one year), see Black Friday as an opportunity to send their takings through the roof.

If you want to know more about DNVBs, find our article from last week which develops this trend in more detail.

What do I need to put in place?

As for any event, prior organisation is essential for being ready on D-Day. Get ready to take action now!

  • Set your Black Friday special offers

Fashion, well-being, or decoration… what do you want to offer consumers during this event?

To help you decide, choose the best-selling and on-trend products that will definitely sell like hot cakes.

Do you plan to apply the same percentage discount on all products?

Will you offer free returns or delivery?

Leave nothing to chance, everything must be well-thought-out to best optimise your success in this Black Friday operation.

  • Don’t forget to find an expert web developer

Since most sales will be done online, don’t neglect your website. Make your website easy to access on all devices.

Your website traffic will also see a surge in activity during this weekend.

Remember to check with the host that your site is able to handle large volumes without crashing during the most important time of the year.

Put shareable links under each product to promote your discounts on social media or to your customer’s entourage.

Organic sharing is the best way to spread awareness of your brand and make an impression on potential new customers.

  • Create a powerful event around Black Friday

As with any event, you should carry out a quality marketing campaign in order to guarantee better sales result.

Find an artistic director, because image is the key to communication. A strong, powerful brand image will stay in a potential customer’s mind and encourage them to purchase.

Offer imaginative, innovative content in line with your values ??to convey your brand identity.

How to promote your Black Friday offer

It’s very simple: use marketing channels like Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest Ads

Preview your products on stories a few days before the event.

Are you looking to launch your campaign for Black Friday and boost your online sales?

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