TikTok Shopping – new Shopify integration

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Showcasing a product on TikTok can lead to an explosion of orders in store or online.

TikTok has gradually become a veritable marketplace.

So much so that “as seen on TikTok” can be a real selling point.

Shopify, one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world, has decided to join forces with TikTok to create a new feature for sellers who use both apps.

What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok shopping makes it possible to purchase products directly from sellers’ TikTok profiles. Previously, you couldn’t buy products directly through ads you see on TikTok.

Beta testing began in France last August, with online sellers seeing a “Shop” tab appear on their profile, showing product catalogues and links on their posts.

Users can either buy directly from the merchant’s TikTok shopfront or on their e-commerce site. Buyers pay on the online store created with Shopify.

Sellers can request to join the trial on their Shopify TikTok account. The feature is expected to roll out to creators in other regions in the coming months.


What’s this new feature for?

This integration will make it possible to create and optimise marketing campaigns from the Shopify dashboard with new integrations in TikTok Ads. This new announcement takes the two giants’ collaboration to the next level.

The platform is at the heart of content and commerce.

TikTok aims to create opportunities to grab consumers’ attention by transforming shopping into an experience rooted in discovery, connection, and entertainment.

The hashtag #TiktokMadeMeBuyIt has over 3.4 billion views. This shows a real enthusiasm for the platform, which helps users see more authentic and reliable ads.

TikTok allows subscribers to discover new products, and this is expected to be 45% more effective than other social networks at encouraging people to make impulse purchases.

Shopify saw the number of sales through its social commerce channels increase by 76%.

TikTok and all its new features offer advertisers new opportunities to reach audiences by easily engaging in social selling.


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