The iconic French shoe brand was founded on the Saint-Placide road of Paris in 1964 by Marcel and Josette Nakam.

It’s the story of a family business that sails through the ages thanks to the grandchildren of the founders with the digital click and the desire to instil the contemporaneity that is Jonak’s trademark. This little extra that is available both online and internationally.

The middle ground between quality, well-designed simplicity, inspired creations, and reasonable pricing has long been the brand’s philosophy. It was only natural, therefore, that Jonak decided to ask Neads for help promoting their products online in order to boost online sales.

Neads in action

TikTok Ads

  • Personalised and similar audience creation
  • VIP List campaign in the run-up to Black Friday, 2021
  • Acquisition Premium Badged Ads launch
  • Retargeting Collection Ads launch

Snapchat Ads

  • Dynamic video creation for Black Friday, 2021
  • Conversion to acquisition campaign
  • Retargeting sales catalogue launch


CPA on the VIP List campaign
impressions over Black Friday
additional revenue with TikTok

Our latest Ads creatives forJonak

Our Success Stories

  • 9,3
    average ROAS over the year
  • +40%
    new customers
  • >2M
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  • -82%
    CPA on the VIP List campaign
  • >1M
    impressions over Black Friday
  • +20%
    additional revenue with TikTok
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  • -40%
    CPA in two months
  • >2M
    people reached on Snap and TikTok
  • +30%
    additional turnover
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