Eleven Paris

Elevenparis, founded in 2003, is a reference in ready-to-wear urban fashion. Known for its subversive and disruptive collection, this Parisian fashion house knows how to get people talking.

In late 2020, the brand launched its Lost Happiness collection in collaboration with Franco-Swiss model and TV personality Nabilla.

Elevenparis’s collections are marketed first and foremost at millennials and Gen Z and range from basic essentials to more on-trend pieces, with their “Little” collection aimed at kids.

Also in late 2020, Eleven Paris chose to work with Neads to boost their online sales using social media.

Neads in action

Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • Streamlined account structure
  • Created new audiences
  • Launched Dynamic Ads in acquisition and retargeting
  • Created dynamic videos that shine the spotlight on the collections

Snapchat Ads

  • Created audiences on Snapchat
  • Launched acquisition campaigns
  • Set up sales catalogues in retargeting


average ROAS over the year
new customers

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Our Success Stories

  • 9,3
    average ROAS over the year
  • +40%
    new customers
  • >2M
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  • -82%
    CPA on the VIP List campaign
  • >1M
    impressions over Black Friday
  • +20%
    additional revenue with TikTok
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  • -40%
    CPA in two months
  • >2M
    people reached on Snap and TikTok
  • +30%
    additional turnover
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